Homemade No Sewing Face Mask

30 Mar , 2020

Make your own mask in 5mins. Anyone with a piece of fabric and a pair of sharp scissors can make this mask.

A DIY mask, while not as effective as an N9 mask, still offers some protection from respiratory droplets that spread the virus.

Homemade Face Mask

What you'll need:
Old T-shirt or piece of fabric (W28cmx H16cm)
Pair of scissors
Pen or pencil
(If you can not print it out you can mark it by the dimensions listed in the template)

1. Save & print the above template
2. Cut out paper template
3. Place paper template onto fabric and cut out fabric
4. Mark ear slits and cut out

Keep yourself, your family, and those around you safe while we get through this COVID-19 thing together.

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  • Posted On May 13, 2020 by Rabel Shitto

    Thanks so much, it is easy to make I’ll tray it to day.
    Rabel Shitto
    From Ethiopia

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